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To validate the Livadi Lifetime Promise, The Livadi Ring Size Promise, The Livadi Ring Style Promise or the Livadi Upgrade Promise the purchaser of the relevant Livadi creation must first register their purchase on this website within 60 calendar days of purchase. The date of purchase of the original Livadi piece and not the date of any subsequent exchange is the relevant date of commencement of the relevant warranty or promise period. The original purchaser only must make the registration. No claim will be valid unless the Livadi hallmark is visible on your Livadi creation at the time of claim and the original proof of purchase is produced by the original purchaser of the Livadi creation at the time of claim.

1. Livadi Lifetime Promise

The Livadi Lifetime Promise covers all manufacturing defects. It excludes damage resulting from general wear and tear including but not limited to accident, scratches, missing or precious stones or plating damage. The Livadi Warranty is void where a Livadi creation is repaired, resize or altered in any way by any entity other than Livadi.


2. Livadi Ring Size Promise

Valid for 12 months from the date of purchase in respect of one full ring size decrease or increase as required. Ring size changes in excess of one full size will incur additional charges.


3. Livadi Ring Style Promise

Valid for 24 months from the date of purchase. Exchange can only occur in respect of Livadi Rings of the same or lesser value of the original Livadi ring purchase price. No refund will be made in respect of the difference (if any) between the original purchase price and the replacement value to the extent that a customer choose to replace with a Livadi ring of lesser value. To exercise the Livadi Ring Style Promise, a small fee is payable at the time of exercise.


4. Livadi Upgrade Promise

Valid for 24 months from the date of purchase. Upgrade your Livadi ring at any time within 24 months of your purchase by returning your Livadi ring to your retailer and paying the difference in price between your Livadi ring and the more expensive Livadi ring, plus a small fee. To exercise the Livadi Upgrade Promise, a small fee is payable at the time of exercise.