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Frequently Asked Questions


A. Yes we do.  Please refer to our Terms & Conditions here.

A. The most popular metals used for wedding bands are White Gold, Yellow Gold, Rose Gold and Platinum. All these metals are very durable and suitable as a wedding ring that is to be worn for many years

A. The answer is not so simple. They both have their advantages and disadvantages, and design choice can also play a big part in the selection of the metal.

Platinum is inherently stronger than white gold. The density of Platinum means it wears away more slowly than White Gold and delicate details can be less fragile. Whilst its density can offer many benefits, it also has a few drawbacks. Platinum is a malleable metal, and as a result loses polish quite quickly and square edges will begin to round off. In contrast, White Gold maintains its polish for longer and is often a better choice if your design has square edges, an engraved surface or beveled details.

A. The profile of a wedding ring refers to the shape of the band's circumference. For example, a flat profile wedding band has no rounded edges, only four flat sides, whereas a half-rounded band has curved sides. There are many other profiles to choose from, such as classic comfort, flat comfort, modern, Orion, flat bevel or milgrain. The Livadi team recommend trying multiple before purchasing

A. Every Livadi band is custom made to meet a minimum standard thickness and width, to ensure durability and overall quality. For many it is simple a matter of comfort and style, as well as what proportion will fit your finger.

A. Once you have chosen your metal type, you will then get to choose which finish you would like for your ring. At Livadi there are 15 different Finishing Options to choose from. The two main options are polished (shiny) or matte (brushed). Many clients choose to have a combination of polished and matte, you can see examples of this in our collection in the links above.

A. We offer a number of premium finishing options, including, vertical matte, sandblasted, polished, ice matte, horizontal matte and hammered. Your ring can be created in a single fnish or combined with another for a truly bespoke piece. The choice of ring finish is a matter of personal style and should reflect the unique personality of the individual wearer.

A. As a general rule our custom rings generally take two weeks to make plus shipping timeframes to get to you. If your ring is for a special day, please allow enough time for the ring to be made and posted out to your Livadi stockist. If you are in a hurry, please get in contact with your Livadi stockist so we may determine if it is possible to rush forward your order, look at an expedited shipping option or provide you with a temporary ring whilst your actual ring is being made.

A. We often receive enquiries from people wanting us to create a design. Whilst we offer a large selection of the most stylish ring designs, we also provide a full customisation offering. To find out more about wedding band customisation, please contact your nearest Livadi stockist.


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